United Ambulance Services is a San Diego ambulance company created by EMTs and paramedics for the purpose of treating employees and patients like family instead of numbers. We emphasize personal and professional development among our staff, providing Continuing Education credits at no cost in addition to on-site training for improving communication skills, problem-solving and high-pressure scenario decision making.

Our patients are the reason we’re here. Too often in medicine, practitioners get bogged down with the internal machinations of their workplace or simply burn out from the work itself. At United Ambulance we focus on patient care first and foremost. We have the best-trained staff there is, making sure our employees are happy, healthy, and excited to be helping every day. It goes a long way in ensuring our patients feel comfortable and well taken care of.

We actively pursue all claims through insurance, working mainly with Medicare and Medicaid. We maintain contracts and agreements with several other managed care organizations and HMOs. Every policy is different in terms of pricing for co-pays or share of cost, but our priority is to recover payment from the policy itself without placing any undue burden on a patient or their family.

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Our Patients Say:

Spoke with Jeanne on the phone to schedule a transport to my closest DaVita location, she helped me out and scheduled a unit to pick me up on the next day that was both on time and friendly!  Thanks United Ambulance.

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Travis P.Torrance, CA Citizen